Friday, 7 June 2013

Displaying the user details(dropdown selection) in InfoPath based on dropdown selection without code:

2.After selecting the Username from dropdown its Automatically  displaying the corresponding user details(Originating GroupName,Designation,Account…etc .As shown belw)

Connect to the user information list and bind the values to the dropdown . by default  it takes user id id and name value from the user information list.create some dropdowns and select the user corresponding values(depart ment…) and make it as a hidden fields  then only the values save into dropdown see the below screen shot..

 And set the field values to the originating name(dropdown)

Originating groupname set field value: see the below screen shot for displaying the originating group value

Here field=originating name(disply originating name field)
Value(see the below screen shot)=department is from userinformation list(see the below screen shot) and that value id is equal to originating name(field 4)

Same to remaing fields…

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